SUPPLEMENT DETAILS Whey protein represents the best source of high quality protein; this thanks to the high percentage of ramified
SUPPLEMENT DETAILS Isobolic includes 50% hydrolyzed whey protein (the leading quality of all whey protein) and 50% whey isolate proteinmaking
SUPPLEMENT DETAILS 100% Micellar Casein come from fresh skimmed milk, meaning that it is a denatured protein whose biological value
Supplement details Mixture of oatmeal powder and protein type Isobolic Flavors: Banana cream cookie dough Belgian speculoos Cappuccino Chocolate chip
SUPPLEMENT DETAILS It has a high biological value and contains a broad spectrum of amino acids. This protein system uses
SUPPLEMENT DETAILS LACTOSE INTOLERANCE This condition is largely unknown to the general public. Yet it concerns five million people in
SUPPLEMENT DETAILS 100% native whey undenatured ZERO: aspartame, sugar, lactose, gluten, saturated fat, salt 83% protein per 100 gr 23,900