Micellar Casein

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100% Micellar Casein come from fresh skimmed milk, meaning that it is a denatured protein whose biological value is therefore higher than any other protein. Scientific research has shown that micellar casein is capable of sustaining a constant release of amino acids into the bloodstream for up to 7 hours, and providing a positive nitrogen balance for longer than any other type of protein. There is evidence that it provides a superior anti-catabolic effect to that observed in milk whey proteins. Scientists have demonstrated that micellar casein has greater effects in the prevention of muscle loss.

100% Micellar Casein is the perfect choice for when a positive nitrogen balance is required, such as whilst asleep at night, between meals, or during periods of extended food abstinence (more than 3 hours).


Mix one (1) scoop 180-240 ml (6-8 fl. oz.) of cold water or your favorite beverage, using a shaker cup or a blender. Best when used between meals and immediately after intense exercise.


  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Creamy Vanilla
  • Cookie N’Cream
  • Snikers Caramel Toffee
  • Tiramisu

Per Container:

1Kg / 2Kg