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Glutamine is an protein acid present in the body. It is packaged as a dietary supplement for many years mainly because of the fact that it can be synthesized from glutamic acid. Apart from its use to treat muscle cramps and reconstruction of damaged muscle tissue, it also helps recovery after intense physical activity.

Glutamine is one of 20 essential amino acids of the human body. It can be synthesized from glutamic acid. In the current research, glutamine constitutes nearly 10% of total amino acids the human body. No other acid is present in such proportions. In addition to participating in the development of protein, glutamine facilitates the metabolism of nitrogen.

Research has confirmed that glutamine protects the immune system and intestinal mucosal infections. Glutamine helps prevent muscle catabolism, catabolism is the destruction of muscle fibers during intense exercise.Note that a very intense physical activity reduces the levels of naturally occurring glutamine at least 50%, and accelerates the risk of muscle catabolism. To avoid this condition, athletes must absorb glutamine during their workouts. Otherwise, aside from the fact that it helps to physical recovery after exertion, glutamine protects against overtraining syndrome which is characterized by vulnerability to infections.


Mix 2 scoops (6 g) in 150 ml of water, 1 time a day, before or after training.

Per Container:

500 gr