Oats + Isobolic whey

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Supplement details Mixture of oatmeal powder and protein type Isobolic Flavors: Banana cream cookie dough Belgian speculoos Cappuccino Chocolate chip cookie Chocolate peanut butter Strawberry vanilla & cream Hazelnut Belgian double chocolate hazelnut Per container: 1kg


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SUPPLEMENT DETAILS UltraleanIG35 is a 55% high-protein mix (hydrolyzed whey, isolated whey) supplemented with a tri-matrix of low glycemic index carbohydrates (sweet potato, oatmeal, isomaltulose) at 40%. The elaborate formulation of the tri-matrix of carbohydrates has a very low glycemic index of 35. In order to regulate blood glucose (insulin boost), the formula was supplemented […]


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SUPPLEMENT DETAILS 100% native whey undenatured ZERO: aspartame, sugar, lactose, gluten, saturated fat, salt 83% protein per 100 gr 23,900 mg of BCAA per 100 gr 18,333 mg of glutamine per 100 gr Flavors : Chocolate fudge creamy vanilla cookie N’Cream Strawberry Banana & Cream Strawberry & Cream Tiramisu Per container :  2kg

L-Carnitine 120000

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Supplement Details L-Carnitine 120000 contributes to normal lipid metabolism in maintenance of normal liver functions, in a metabolism normal energy with choline and reduce fatigue with vitamin B6. Directions: Take 25 ml per day on an empty stomach, 60 minutes befaore training or before a meal. Parfums : Tropical Orange Tropical Pineapple Per container : 1 […]

Lipo Sculpt Cream

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Supplement Details Indicated to assist in treatment of cellulite and localized fat, facilitating the dissolving of fat, micro-circulation and elimination of retained liquids. The cream spreads easily, is absorbed rapidly and has a pleasant flagrance. Leaves the skin with a smoother, firmer and healthier appearance as soon as you start using it. Apply liberally to […]